Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The Republican Calendar. An attempt of the revolutionaries to introduce France into the parameters of a rational, efficient world. A "good bye" to the old rules of the Ancien Régime and the Pope. A conversion of an old world of quotidian complex operations to another easier world, more simple and more efficient. A calendar not impossed by the authority, but by the same citizens. Nevertheless, nobody felt comfortable with it, it was complicated for the international relations, and, finally, it was abolished. It was used later back again in France in 1848 and 1871, for a very short time. Benito Mussolini adopted it in 1922, during his "fascist age". Actually, it still has followers, and it's consulted by genealogists and historians. Take a look on the Republican Calendar; you'll also find a conversion to our conventional dates and today's date. Now, at this year 218 of the Republican Age.

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