Saturday, March 6, 2010


March 6th and it's still cold here in Miami, which is not frequent at this moment of the year. I would like to introduce you with a new website: Les Archives de la France. Well, "Guide of access to the departmental archives of metropolitan France, France Overseas and the old French colonies". That's really the title, a little long, I know, but... It has a search engine by department, by alphabetical order, and by regions. Another link to a very complete report of the French communes. It has a very well sized map with a fast access in a link directly to the pages with civil documents on line (and, of course, toward the others, not on line). And is going to have more applications this week. The index is in French language (as a courtesy for the French people), but it's linked at the home page with the English version, and the links in this post are going to the English version.
If you think it's convenient, keep the web address: it's a very useful tool for genealogists, and very complete, also the most actualized (it was finished yesterday). And you will not need a magnifier to check the map: it has a pretty good size.

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