Friday, July 10, 2009


Leicester's University has been specialized about genetic studies; in 1984 Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys invented the revolutionary technique of the genetic "fingerprint". Now, the Dr. Turi Kin, using a database of more than 40 thousand individuals, made a Doctoral Research on 2.500 individuals carrying 500 different British surnames. The conclusion is that there are higher probabilities of that those who carry the same surname are genetically tied. She was exploring on a base of Y chromosomes, which are transmitted by paternal line. The idea is that if father’s surname is also passed from father to son, in agnatic succession, there should be a relation between surname and chromosomes Y. The less common a surname is, the more chances has to find this link: surnames like Attenborough or Swindlehurst have 70 % of probabilities. The applications of this study also might help to criminal investigations. The genes might reveal possible surnames of the culprits. Certainly adoptions, false paternities and names-changes can alter this information.
(Source: University of Leicester – News – Press releases).

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