Monday, July 13, 2009


They will. Our children. And the grandchildren of our children...and who knows. Those kids who actually are going to the elementary school, or maybe those who still can't speak, or those who are not still born.
It's very important that we give them access to the world of the genealogy, to the recognition and research of those who preceded us.
Why? For two very important reasons: 1) They might have a better personality, well posicioned and structured. 2) And this is a very interesting reason: the genealogic research, amongst other aspects, implies that they could be aware about the curiosity for the History, or Geography ("where did the grandfather come from?" "And where is that located?"...); the recognition of all that past world that they have at their back; which will lead to explain a lot of features of the present world!.. In consequence, all of what the school can not succeed about to get them interested about. The genealogy, through their own will, will achieve the objective, taking them from the hands toward all those disgusting matters, that in their learning, are a tedious enumeration of weird names and unknown and not attractive dates and locations.
It would be more reasons, of course, as that they could feel affection for their families, their familiar patrimony, that they could develop an interest about organization and classification, that they become by theirselves people avid of knowledge, without being obligued to do so. That they could learn what is "hipotesis-thesis-demonstration", but in the real life, in the practice of something. Who knows if we are not creating people with authentic curiosity, future scientific discoverers, changing their ways toward the positive...
How to achieve this? Let's talk, let's organize the ideas, we have to be interactives for this work. Let's address to the main genealogical sites or companies, let's make them proposals. Let's give an impulse to the organization. Also we could make in our children or granchildren's schools "genealogic shows", asking them for their old granparents pictures, or for information about their forbears. Wouldn't it be funny for them?
Nobody has been worried seriously about this matter until now. Let's be the first of all; the land is virgin. Let's be the pioneers of a better focused new generation. If we don't do things like this, what we are here for? This is our mission; to give them, besides our genes, the possibility of another mentality, to make them better people.
No matter if you don't have a genealogy. In 200 years you will be a valuable reference for your descendants. All of us will be their ancestors in the future, and maybe they will comment about us, that we have been the pioneers of the public interest in genealogy.
Until now, genealogy is an activity handled mostly by elder people, most of them filling with it the emptiness of their retirements. Somebody ever asked to the children if they don't want to be active participants in this matter?
After all, if we don't take care of this, who will tell our story?

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