Saturday, July 11, 2009


Any observation, inevitably tends to fragmentation. For example, when we observe a moment in the time of our ancestors, we separate it from everything else. We separate and focus it to look at it well. All our education is based in separating the matters, without relating them.
But nobody bothers about to connect random facts. And this leads to the dispersion of what naturally is related, and to the disinterest of the learners, and to their attention not motivated about the chain of events.
Teachers speak about the French Revolution, but they don't relate to the influence that the work of a writer as Michel de Montaigne, 200 years before, could have had on the approach of humanity which allowed to address toward this process.
My proposal is a new vision of genealogical facts: that every identification in the time will be shaped by an integration of all the related events: historical, philosophical, literary, political and even geographical. My proposal is to destructurate the whole educational program that we have melt in our brains, just to build another one, where no thread could remain unplugged. Only this way we will be able to accede in a conscious way to a coherent interpretation of the facts.
If somebody takes a look to the post on the right, called " The Renaissance ", it will be seen that on there the explanation of the historical moment integrates absolutely everything. Even the "style" of explanation blends the literarature with the history. Is not a coincidence that I've opted for the Renaissance to do this, -probably it happened unconsciously-, so those men of that epoch were not fragmentators; they dominated several sciences simultaneously, as Leonardo Da Vinci , and they were relating them suitably, which was allowing them to advance intensively upon each one of the topics.
The proposal, then, is: to return to the pluralized approach: to return to look at the world as a consequence of everything. It's true that this specialization that we have today is due to the difficulty of to include all the matters in the same storage, because of the scientific advance that we have had. But in our case, we do not need to be experts in detail about everything: we are historical interpreters of families, and with a few basic notions, - the more complete they could be, is of course, better-, well integrated, we will be moving along like fishes in the ocean.
That's precisely the objective of this blog; to discover an understandable vision of all what is around us; towards the integration of the universal thought in a simple event, as the freedom or not of marrying without paternal assent that our forbears used to have. Hopefully we could take the right way, and the genealogy will turn into something much more transcendental.

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