Friday, July 10, 2009


“This it is the line from which I descend ", was commented by a friend of mine, to me, days ago. She referred to an Irish prince of the 14th Century. And she satisfied her ego thinking that she was descending from nobility houses. Again I returned to think that the identity is a fiction, a simple myth constructed by our imagination. There is persistence in the construction of genealogical trees about to show honorable families, abnegates, and promoters of real epic migratory deeds.
And, what if everything was the opposite? What would be changed? If someone descends from the Marquis of Sade, does he or she be labeled necessarily as a potential perverse? And what if the honorable Irish prince would have been more perverse and voluptuous than the same Marquis of Sade? I descend from nobles with dominions, from captains of corsair ships and from notaries of the Navy of France. But who can guarantee about the moral virtues of the lordly nobles and, inversely, why the corsair captains, despite their violent and adventurous connotation, cannot have been excellent persons, generous and solidarious with their peers? And finally, are not we the sons of our own works, without considering the moral quality of our ancestors? If I descend from the Genghis Khan, have I to go out riding a horse and with a sword in my hand to behead people along a central street, jumping over the traffic? If our genealogical search is sincere, and we look for identities, we must find real entities. Without shame, without fears. Every moral even that that the society does not share, is immersed inside the human condition. The real discovery is to find our ancestors, such as they have been, human fallible beings, with their authentic biographical dimension. There might have been misery and selfishness in a wealthy noble, and a poetical song to the life into the dreams of a poor farmer from a hamlet in the middle of the mountains. Let's not use to the genealogy to arbitrarily construct our own character: let's the life to speak by itself, in our case and in that of our ancestors. We cannot modify them already - except by the way of subjective interpretation-, but we still are in this dynamic relations’ process in which our honesty can play in favor on having done the difference between a mediocre and conventional exhibition and a good water-color of excellent quality.

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